Cleaning for Real Estate Agents & Staging

Market Ready?
When preparing a house to be put on the market (Market Ready), nothing is more important than Cleanliness.  Let us help your Seller by quickly and completely Cleaning their home to give the best first impression!

Clutter and dirt can be a huge deterrent to a potential buyer, causing them to overlook and undervalue the many wonderful features of the house you’re trying to sell.

In fact, potential buyers react WORSE to dirt than clutter.

They figure 'the owner may be disorganized but that is OK',  but if they’ve let the cleaning go, it’s possible that they’ve let other more serious maintenance issues go as well!!!

Cleaning by Consuelo, Inc. understands how important is Real Estate detailing, making homes ready to show, stage, sell or move-in with top to bottom High Quality Cleaning solutions.

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