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What if my Cleaning falls on a holiday?

We will honour your Cleaning, but we understand that if it falls on a Holiday you may want to reschedule, it is up to your discretion. 

How does the FIRST TIME BOOKING Offer work?

If you are not sure about which Cleaning Service to hire, just "shopping around" or even if you are not sure if you really want to hire a Cleaning Service, or maybe you know you need a Cleaning Service and asking which one should you hire.  Relax, our FIRST TIME BOOKING Offer makes it easy for you.  

It's only $16 +HST Per Hour Per Cleaner (NO Products Included) and $20 +HST Per Hour Per Cleaner (ALL Products Included).

This offer only applies to Customers within our coverage Area.
N of St. Clair, S of Wilson, E of Allen Rd. and W of Bayview.  

It is up to our discretion to service outside this area.

This Package helps you get a clear idea of how good our Service is, without risks, without compromises, put our Service to the test, try us out.   Visit our Special Offers Page to find out more. 

Who provides the Cleaning supplies?

You decide. 

We can supply them,  Our Packages include pricing options that include Products or you may provide them yourself.   If you need any products, just ask and we'll be happy to buy it for you.

Our Special Offers were designed with this in mind.

What kind of Equipment do you use?

We use only the Highest Quality Equipment and Tools in the Market. We will provide any Tools and Equipment to get the Job done. Having the right Tools and Equipment is important to do an Excellent job. 

Do you bring your Equipment with you to my home?

Yes, we bring all Equipment and Tools along to your home. 

Is it necessary that I provide any Equipment for the Cleaners?

We do provide all the Equipment necessary for a Cleaning, but if there is any Specific or Special Equipment you would like us to use in your Home please feel free to leave it out for us or show us where it is stored. 

Can I trust the Cleaners that you send to my home?

All employees must provide a clean Police Record report every six (6) months and their criminal record has been checked clean when hired.

Our Cleaners are legally enabled to work in Canada and are Law abiding residents. We make them become quite aware that a long life of hard work should not come crumbling down in a single moment due to a seemingly small, yet unacceptable and harshly punishable mistake.

Cleaning by Consuelo Inc. believes reputation and a good name far exceed the value of gold.  For common sense to prevail, still we recommend you secure your valuables.

How many Cleaners will come to my home?

We always bring at least two (2) Cleaners.

For our FIRST TIME BOOKING Offer two (2) Cleaners will come.

Depending on the size of your Home, we could bring more.  

Some of our Customers own Houses bigger than 8000 Sq.Ft. so we bring more Cleaners specially when they request a SEASONAL DETAILED DEEP CLEANING.


Will employees or independent contractors Clean my home?

Absolutely No Independent Contractors.

They are our Employees, there are no Sub-Contractors and no Third Parties.

We cover all liabilities and we are fully Bonded and Insured.

Can I request the same Cleaners for each Cleaning?


We are usually able to send the same Cleaners who are familiar with your home.

Yet, it is quite difficult for us to guarantee continuity with most Cleaners. Due to personal reasons, improvement in their lives, some study nights to get careers (better paying jobs), vacation, sick days, spouse relocation to a different city, return to country of origin due to emergencies or because of life events, retirement, etc.

We hire only the best Cleaners and have mechanisms in place to keep them over long periods of time.  But life is a cycle and a process where everything needs to expand and improve. change is the only constant.  

Inevitably, Cleaners will find better places to be, better things to do, or simply will be comfronted with situations that leave them no choice.  As humans beings the fulfillment of their dreams makes us happy.   We make sure it is so good to work with us that it should become harder and harder for them to find anything better.  Mostly because we take care of them and treat them with kindness and respect.  Believe or not, something not so common in this industry.

In other instances, sad instances, some Cleaners have decided to become too relaxed or contradict our Rules about Punctuality, personal presentation, general conduct, general guidelines, just to mention a few, because of their reassurance that Customers will drop our Services if we fire them.

We don't hesitate to fire Cleaners who think they can "hijack" or compromise our Standards because suddenly a Customer gives them a bargaining chip to gamble against the Rules, Standards and Quality.  If you think this is the kind of person you want in your House, please think again.

However, Our Management is the only real constant in an ever changing equation. They accompany the Cleaners at your home so you always get the same High Quality of Service you are accustomed to. 

Do Cleaners speak English?

Yes. Every team is fully capable of communicating in English.

Why is your Service Customized? How is it different from the others?

Every Home is different.  

Our concept of Cleaning is not just someone walking around moving dust from one place to the other; but rather providing the right Service at the right price.  

We want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need and not just an impersonal "per hour" Service.  Are you sure you are currently getting the right Service? (Excuse us for answering the question with another question but...) Is your money put to work efficiently? Or you are just "putting up" with substandard practices?

Our customers are very successful professionals or business owners, some retired with an impressive history about their lives.  Their possessions are very valuable not only from sentimental perspectives but also monetarily.  Our customers are not just "ok" with just any Cleaner.  

They appreciate our level of attention to detail, our reliability, our punctuality and many other Values around which we center of business practices.

We are not "just another Cleaning company".  

We are not looking for a quick way out from a harsh financial situation.  We base our operation in High Values, High Standards, High Quality.  

We are Honest, Punctual and Passionate.  For us, your Home is the most sacred place for you in the world.

We love what we do and how we do it!  We treat our customers, employees and environment with the utmost respect.  We treat Cleaning with professionalism and our employees with dignity, offering them more than just a salary.

Business is not only about money.  Money is a logical and unavoidable consequence of encouraging dilligent work, dedication, loyalty, punctuality, constant learning and constant improvement.

Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent decisions, and skillful execution.  It represents the best choice of many alternatives.

And the best part is "we live by these words", they are not just cliche "sound good" phrases that people throw out there without actual conscience of what they are saying. We don't sign checks with our mouths that our hearts are not able to cash.

What makes you different? Why Consuelo?

We are not "just another Cleaning company".  

We are not looking for a quick way out from a harsh financial situation.  We base our operation in High Values, High Standards, High Quality.  

We are Honest, Punctual and Passionate.  For us, your Home is the most sacred place for you in the world.

We love what we do and how we do it!  We treat our customers, employees and environment with the utmost respect.  We treat Cleaning with professionalism and our employees with dignity, offering them more than just a salary.

Business is not only about money.  Money is a logical and unavoidable consequence of encouraging dilligent work, dedication, loyalty, punctuality, constant learning and constant improvement.

Quality is never an accident.  It is always the result of high intentions, sincere efforts, intelligent decisions, and skillful execution.  It represents the best choice of many alternatives.

And the best part is "we live by these words", they are not just cliche "sound good" phrases that people throw out there without actual conscience of what they are saying. We don't sign checks with our mouths that our hearts are not able to cash. 

What is “The Royal Treatment”?

At Cleaning By Consuelo Inc., all our clients are important.  

Real people answer our phones (actually Consuelo gets really aggravated when calls go to voicemail).

We listen to our Customers and we will always treat our Customers with the utmost respect.  

We'll be happy to fulfill any request our Customers may have within the scope of our work and if it is humanly reasonable and possible.

How do I provide Feedback after Services?

Is my Feedback/Testimonial so important?


It is more important than payment.

Yes, that important !!


If you have any questions about Insurance Coverage, Terms and Conditions our General Manager Grace Ruocco will be glad to meet personally with you and answer any questions or concerns.

You can reach her directly at 647.769.7358 or Contact Us.

Yes, always.  

Without any exceptions and for the total of your expenses including HST.  Receipts and Invoices include our TaxID.

No, you are not required to sign a contract unless you require one.  

Some of our Commercial Customers require a Detailed Contract outlining responsibilities, background checks, access restrictions, etc.  and it is mostly because of Legal Regulations imposed on them based on Compliance according to their Industries (Banking, Medical, Dental, etc.  For Health, Safety and Security Reasons.

Yes, your information will always be Confidential.    

We will never sell, exchange or provide your information to any other company or third-parties.  We will use your information for the only purpose of allowing our Cleaning Service to operate.  

However, We will provide information requested by Lawful Authorities in case of investigations of any nature.

Yes, your privacy will be respected.  

However, if we come across or witness any Unlawful or Criminal Behaviour we will report it to the Authorities. 

Inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable.

If this behaviour should occur in your Home please inform the Management of Cleaning By Consuelo immediately and actions will be taken right away.  Our Team Leaders should catch these occurrances preemptively. 

If someone is injured in your Home you are not liable as long as we have assessed and accepted the job.

We ask the you keep your Home as safe as possible for our Staff and, for example, any pets that may cause harm should be locked away until Cleaning has finished. 


Absolutely nothing is illegal about our Company.   This is a beautiful country to live in, and we intend on keeping it that way.


Our Work is 100% Guaranteed and in case you are not Totally Satisfied with our Work we will not provide you with a discount but we will redo the Cleaning until you are Completely Satisfied and Happy with our Work.

Contact us within 48 hours of our visit into your Home and we will come back to correct any discrepancies.  

If for any reason you are unable to call within 24 hours of our visit (travelling, out of town, vacation, far from the property, or simply overwhelmed by tight schedules, etc.) don't worry we'll be happy to provide a quick complete resolution and we will make note so it does not happen again.  

If you decide to do any fixing by yourself and then ask for a discount, your request will be turned down and you will be billed anyway.

Just a quick beautiful story, once received a call from a little kid (9 yrs. old) who heard us say while we were in his Home how important being Punctual, Honest and Passionate was and how his Teacher and Parents would also say the same thing.  

But that the request for discount due to insatisfaction that his parents were making was not an Honest request and he thought we did not deserve to be treated that way.  In this case, was the "savings" of a few dollars worth the damage to character?

Our Business is built with the goal of all parts being Happy, Satisfied and Fulfilled.  It's about creating only win-win-win enviroments and dealings.  If you are not Full Satisfied, we'll go back and redo it until it's perfect.  Has it happened before?  We are human, a couple of times but always with a happy ending.  That is what life should be about, happy endings.

How do you get into my Home if I am not Home?

Some Customers provide us with keys.   Other Customers have a Designated Contact to open the door for us.

We are militantly against leaving the keys "somewhere outside" (in a pot, under a mattress, etc.).   We only work under predictable, accountable conditions.

Is it OK to leave Instructions?

Yes, of course.  

We encourage that you leave Instructions for us to follow.  Your Home is your Palace and we are your Servants.  

What should I do about my Security System?

There are choices.

Let us have the Code and the ability to arm/disarm, some Customers, specially late night Cleanings, decide for this option (Commercial, Offices, Dentists, etc.)

You could perhaps make sure to disarm the security system while we are there and have it armed once we leave.

In one particular case, our Customer is a frequent traveller and his neighbour comes every time to provide us access.   In other cases, specifically Apartment buildings, Security Guard, Superintendents or Property Managers come to provide access.

Do I need to do anything before you come for a Cleaning?

No. But we would appreciate if you could put away any clothing if the Cleaning does not include laundry, personal confidential items before the Cleaning takes place in your Home. We would also appricate if you could lock up any pets that may cause harm to our Cleaners. 

If you request a Package Offer that does NOT include products please make sure to have products ready upon the Cleaners arrival so as they can get to work right away.

Can I provide you the keys to my House and know they would be safe?

Yes, you can. We can take care of your Cleaning even when you might be travelling or away.   Some of our customers are frequent travelers. 

Can I leave my children under your care?

No, we do not babysit.

Our Insurance does not cover for such Service.  

We would prefer if a responsable adult were present in the home at the time of Cleaning if children are present.   We don't want to take responsibility over such Priceless Treasure.

Do I need to be present when the Cleaners come to my house?

Many Customers are at home for their First Time Cleaning to provide instructions and guidelines.  We encourage and enjoy this practice However, you do not have to be there every time, not even for the First Time Cleaning.

Our Cleaners are very professional and consistently trained; you are safe with us.  You can leave the House knowing our Team Leaders will make sure your instructions are followed.

Do I have any control over the Cleaning routine?

Yes, of course.  

It's your Home so it is your way.  We are here to serve your requests. 

Can I make a note of the things I want done in my House?

Yes of course. we will be more than happy to follow your Cleaning requests.

Can I leave you a key with someone trusted?


You can leave your Key with a Designated Contact that can come and open up your Home before your Cleaning.

If you prefer you can give us the keys of your Home and we will be sure to take the Greatest Care.

Can I leave you the key “somewhere”?

No, we are militantly against leaving the keys "somewhere outside" (in a pot, under a mat, etc.).   We only work under predictable, accountable conditions.

But if you feel this is the best or only method, we will gladly comply.

Are your Cleaners willing to do my dishes?


We service special requests such as Dish Cleaning, Cleaning of Oven, Cleaning of Refrigerator, Etc.

We will be happy to do your dishes as long as it is within the allocated time of the job and within the hours of your scheduled Cleaning time. 

Do you provide in-home assessments and quotations?


But we keep it simple.  Why put you through long annoying visits taking your precious time away?   

The most important assessment is to determine if Cleaning by Consuelo is the right fit for you.  We can determine that very quickly on our first contact.   Cleaning and following your instructions is very simple and please beware of fancy talkers making you believe it is not.

Do you do laundry?

We will only do laundry of bed sheets & towels during a Cleaning of a minimum of two (2) Cleaners for Four (4) hours.

When is payment due? How do I pay?

The payment is due upon completion of our work unless previously agreed with Management.

We accept Cash and Cheques.  A receipt is always provided for the full amount paid includind HST.

Can I pay “under the table”?

No, strictly not.  

Please do not insist, we are a Law abiding Company.

There are plenty other companies happy to agree with such methods, not us.  This is a beautiful country to live in, and we intend to keep it that way.

How do I pay if I forget or I am not home when the Cleaners are finished?


If you forgot about the Cleaning, great.  With our help, Cleaning is something you can regularly forget about.

But if it’s a case that you do happen to forget to pay on the day of the Cleaning it’s no trouble at all you can simply pay us the following day or the following Cleaning by Cash, Cheque, or Credit Card. 

Do you charge a fee if workers are locked out?

Maybe not the First Time.  When it comes to good Friends and Loved ones our heart is soft and sweet, so we may just blush and tell you it's OK.

But if it becomes customary we will have to charge $50 per event.   

What if I have to cancel my booking?

Things happen and sometimes they are beyond anyone’s control. We ask that you please notify our office as soon as possible. We kindly request of you a cancellation notice of at least 24 hours prior to your Clean. However, should cancellations become customary we will need to collect payment from you in advance and we'll work together with you to make our schedules match.

Isn't this service expensive and only for wealthy people?

No. we have Packages and Special Offers to cater to all budgets. 

Can I tip the Cleaners?


We don't expect you to do it, but we love when our Cleaners are tipped as it shows they have provided an excellent Cleaning job.

This, however, does not signify an obligation for our Cleaners to provide any extra work outside billable company hours. 

Am I expected to tip the Cleaners?

No, but it would be nice if you did. Its completely up to you and at your own discression. It goes to show they did a wonderful job.

Is HST included in your hourly rate?

HST is to be paid on all Cleaning jobs.

HST is not included in our Hourly Rate but it will be added on to your invoice in the end. 

Do I have to pay HST?

Payment of HST and any other Taxes or Practices mandated by Law are to be enforced at all times. 

NO EXCEPTIONS, please do not insist or your offer will kindly be turned down.  

If after work being delivered you refuse to pay HST or any other Taxes mandated by Law, you will be taken to Collection for this amount.  

We are a reputable business building a name in the Canadian Market, we obey the Law and prefer customers who also obey the Law.  

We make NO EXCEPTIONS when charging HST and providing a receipt.  This country is a beautiful place to live and we intend to keep it that way.

Do I really really have to pay HST?


If I pay Cash do I have to pay HST?

Yes, its the Law.

Can I pay "Cash"?


Cash is an acceptable method of payment but HST still needs to be paid.

What are your days and times of operation (Regular Business Hours)?

We Provide Services Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Our Offices are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM.  

If you need Service outside Regular Hours please Contact Us and let us know what fits your busy schedule.  

In the case of Post-Construction, Post-Renovation, MoveIN/MoveOUT and Cleaning Of Offices after their business hours. These Cleanings can happen anytime (seriously, anytime).

What if I or any member of my family has an allergy to Cleaning products or food?

We'll be happy to include your request in our Work Order.  If it is important for you, rest assured it is important to us.

What is Move In/Out?

Our Move In/Out cleaning is designed to prepare an apartment or house for a new tenant.

There’s typically more space to be vacuumed, more baseboards to be wiped, more cabinets and drawers to be Cleaned, light fixtures dusted, etc.

We take away a little or maybe a lot of the stress that comes from moving.

It is good luck to move into a Clean place and it is good manners to leave a place Clean after moving out.  

What is Detailed Deep Cleaning?

Our Detailed Deep Cleaning is especially designed for homes and spaces that need a lot of extra care and detail.

Detailed Deep Cleaning requires more attention. What others label as "too much work", that is what we consider a Detailed Deep Cleaning.

How do I schedule a Cleaning?

Book by Phone: 647.769.7358 

- or -

Use our Contact Us form.

Which areas do you serve?

We service an area we call "The Box".

North of St. Clair
South of Wilson
East of Allen Rd.
West of Bayview

If you are outside this area, please still Contact Us.  We may service it.

Are you ok with pets?


Our Cleaners love pets, as long as they do not pose a threat and they are not dangerous or harmful.

Please let us know about your pets.

What happens if something gets broken or damaged?

As careful as we might be, Accidents can happen.  

It is better to be prepared for the worst case scenario.  Our Cleaners are Bonded and Insured so our Comprehensive two million dollars ($2,000,000.00) Insurance Policy covers for damages. 

All our Packages have Insurance included so you have nothing to worry about.  Insurance is included no matter which Package you choose. 

Do you offer services to all kinds of properties?

We offer our Services to Residential and Office Spaces.

We do not offer our Services to hoarders, places that contain Hazardous Materials nor provide Post-Disaster Cleaning such as after Floods or Fires.

What is a typical Cleaning routine?

A typical Cleaning routine would start with bathrooms on the top floor and then gradually working our way down and throughout each area of your Home.

We adapt to Customer specific requirements.  

For example, some Customer have SOHOs (Small Office Home Office) and we have to make sure that a working environment is respected (noise, talking, interruptions, etc.).

In other cases, our Customers have specific work schedules (night shifts at Hospitals, etc.) so we have to "stir clear" or "maneuver" around specific circumstances.  

One of our Customer has a "Show Room" for her SOHO in her residence where she displays very fine expensive items and we are required to dust and have them "Exhibition Ready".

Some of our Customers keep busy Social lives entertaining guests so their requirements vary from week to week.  Having a President, Prime Minister, Ambassadors, Consul Generals for dinner can not be placed inside a box labeled "typical".

In a very specific case, a Customer likes to play the Piano while we work. (Still have not figured out if to offset the noise from the vacuum Cleaner, or to give us inspiration, or simply because it is relaxing for him?)  As you can see, there is no "typical" Cleaning routine.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do.

Click Here to learn more.

Will you run errands for me?


We will not run errands.   Unfortunately, our Insurance Company has strict guidelines about driving and parking and does not allow us to conduct any other activity not directly related to Cleaning.

Why hire a Cleaning Service?

To most people our Service is not a luxury but a necessity.

Most people do not have the time to Clean due to busy schedules and their free time is valuable to them, therefore, they call on our Services to Clean their Homes so they can use their precious spare time in more enjoyable or productive activities.

Do you Clean windows in high rise buildings?


We do not Clean the Outside Windows of High Rise Buildings.

We will Clean Windows inside.  We will only Clean outside windows as long as they are up to two (2) two or three (3) stories high.

What form of Quality Control do you offer?

We offer spot checks, we work in teams and Team Leaders do a complete check of our Cleaners and a guarantee always applies.

All Cleanings are scoped and outlined so they can be verified when done.

What is the Minimum Number of Hours I can book?

Our Minimum Invoicing is for six (6) hours for which two (2) or three (3) Cleaners will work.

What frequency of Cleaning can be scheduled?

You can book Cleanings weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal or a few times a year.